The Swiss School of Milling (SMS) was set up to offer training to technology and production managers in the grain processing industry.

Over 1500 students
from 90 countries

The School

Solid expertise in the fields of grain milling and grain processing technology enables our students to fill production management positions.


"The establishment of the Swiss School of Milling in St. Gallen was a milestone in the history of the Swiss grain milling industry. The magnificent opening ceremony held in the school building on Tellstrasse 2 on November 21, 1957 was attended by a large number of guests such as officials and faculty members...". This is what the "Schweizerischer Mühlenanzeiger" (the Swiss grian miller's trade journal) reported more than 50 years ago. And to this day, we are still proud of being one of the world's prime institutions for training management staff in the grain milling industry. Beside our continuous adjustment to the needs of the marketplace, we also owe this standing to the fact that we have never lost sight of one goal, to train technology and production-oriented managers in the grain processing industry. The SMS is committed to maintaining a high quality standard and has been certified by ISO 29990 the worldwide quality label for institutions of continuing education. Fully in line with our global orientation of training students from all corners of the world, we offer our courses in German as well as in English.


Michael Weber - School Director
Michael Weber - School Director
Wolfang Dobler - Lecturer
Wolfang Dobler
Erik Becker - Lecturer
Erik Becker
Mattias Meili - Lecturer
Mattias Meili
Janine Imhof - Administration
Janine Imhof
Roberto Lüscher - Lectruer
Roberto Lüscher
Roman Dürr - Lecturer
Roman Dürr
Florin Bühler - Lecturer
Florin Bühler
Josefa Stalder - Lecturer
Josefa Stalder
Mario Oprandi - Lecturer
Mario Oprandi

SQS ISO - Certification

The Swiss School of Milling St. Gallen (SMS) has always been committed to a high quality standard. This is underscored by its ISO 29990 certification.

For some time now, institutions of continuing education in Switzerland have also had the opportunity to obtain quality certification on the basis of a special customized procedure. The SMS has taken up the challenge.

This certification offers our customers the assurance that the school does not merely pay lip-service to quality and quality development, but feels the philosophy of quality to be a commitment toward its customers which it gladly accepts.